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The Beauty of Blackness

This project was made in December of 2021. When creating this project, I was originally just making this project for my Race and Representation class, but as the filming and editing went on I realized that this film is for Hannah. This is also an educational project for me because I learned a lot about Hannah’s blackness and her experiences with learning to love herself and her blackness. Making this project opened my eyes to blackness in general and Hannah’s blackness. I have been friends with Hannah since I was in 8th grade. The conversation of blackness never came up. I have realized now that this is an important conversation to have with people. I felt like it was important to have it with her because she has been my best friend for so long. This type of discussion should be more common with friends especially since I am a white and she is a person of color.

Just A Dream

Just A Dream was made in November of 2021. This short film was made for my Production I class for a narrative project. My group and I wanted to make a story about a romance was too good to be true, or was it? We also wanted to show representation within the LGBTQ+ community and to help normalize queer relationships.

Almost Famous

This short film was made in December of 2021 for my Production I class. My group and I had to make a documentary, so we decided on doing a mockumentary. It is about a college student who thinks he is super famous, but is really just ignorant. It is a very comedic short and we all had fun filming it.

Good Trip

This film was made in September of 2021. This short was for my Production I class as an experimental project. This film is about a guy who took drugs and is tripping while staring at the ceiling.